Business Model Waves

... is what we call the introduction of new business models.

About Business Model Waves

Improve your innovation capabilities

There is much more to the success of new business models than just luck and random chance. Thinking in new directions is as vital as focussing on what really matters; creativity and intuition are as essential as reflection and analysis.

But how can one make innovation happen in practice? Business Model Waves is our answer.

How it works

How you can use BM Waves in your organization

Understand the nature of innovation

Do you want to learn how innovation works? The concept of Business Model Waves explains this complex phenomenon in a simple way. Read our detailed description of the BM Waves model.

Test your organization for free

The next step to more and better innovation is to know your own strengths and weaknesses. Our BM Waves Test analyzes your organization's innovation capabilities and offers suggestions for improvement. Take the free test.

Start innovating!

Now the big waves are waiting for you! We will help your organization introduce or transform business models successfully. We can also help you improve your general innovation capabilities systematically. Learn more about our services and approach.