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Test and improve your innovation capabilities!

BM Waves Test

Test your innovation capabilities

Our innovation test assesses the level of maturity within your organization and can help you identify potential areas for improvement.

This service is free of charge. Your data will be transmitted with an encrypted connection and will be treated confidentially.

After you have completed the survey, we will generate a report with your tailored assessment. This assessment is based on research on business models and innovation. It has been applied to numerous companies of different sizes and industries. The automated assessment cannot, however, replace a detailed analysis of your organization's innovation capabilities. Moreover, results are subject to your own biases and principal limitations due to the survey design. We thus highly recommend an in-depth discussion of your results and also offer additional analyses if desired.

Test results

Content and sample results of a BM Waves Test

Once you have taken a few minutes to answer the 33 questions of the BM Waves Test, we will generate a tailored report for you. Apart from some general information, this 20-page report will feature various analyses and illustrations specific to your organization, i.e.

  • General insights about business models and the process of innovation
  • Firm-specific assessments of the innovation power of your organization
  • A list of the most relevant innovation risk patterns for your organization
  • Potential measures for improvement and risk mitigation

Example of test results (excerpt from report):


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BM Waves Test +

More detailed analyses of your test results are available on request

Comprehensive diagnosis: Detailed explanation of assessments per innovation phase or risk pattern

  • benchmarking
  • analysis of main influencing factors
  • discussion of potential biases

Measures for improvement: Courses of action for improving innovation capabilities and mitigating risk patterns

  • presentation of potential interventions
  • selection of most promising measures
  • roadmap for implementation

Multi-person study: A comparative analysis based on the views (tests) of several individuals

  • comparative analyses possible for teams, departments or even larger parts of the organization
  • extended possibilities for diagnosis, e.g. differentiating various groups within the organization
  • tailored improvement measures; potentially adapted to the needs of various parts of the organization

Please send us an email in case you have any questions or comments regarding the BM Waves Test or other matters:

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